DIY (Do It Yourself) projects have become the new, cheapest way to achieve customizable goods. Yet too often people don’t find enough confidence in their abilities to see these projects through, or even attempt them at all. At Happy Heart Craft House, we inspire others to push their artistic limits. From classes to custom product design to furniture restoration, we’re here to help you build your personal masterpiece!




CJ Bennetter

...and I’m the owner of Happy Heart Craft House! Thank you so much for visiting my site, I’m so excited to share my journey of DIY with you! As far back as I can remember, crafting was always my passion. I love envisioning an idea, and then bringing my visions to life through art. I’ve heard before if you love what you do, you’ll never “work” a day in your life; and that is exactly why I have created this business. Please feel free to send me an inbox with any questions you may have, let me help you bring YOUR visions to life! I look forward to working with you, happy crafting!